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URL Redirect Mapping Delivered In Seconds

Built with Google Sheets and Apps Script, Redirect Mapper is a tool built to accurately map URL redirects for site migrations in a fraction of the time. 


1 to 1 URL Redirect Mapping Tool

Built For SEO's, By SEO's



Google Sheets Add-On
  • Unlimited URL Mappings
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Lifetime Support

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is URL Mapping in SEO?

Traditionally, when a website goes through a site migration, a redirect map must be done in order to ensure that old URLs redirect to new URLs. This minimizes SEO ranking loss, and ensures that traffic landing on the site lead on a proper destination instead of a 404. Typically, SEOs and Webmasters use Excel Formulas and/or sorting & filtering in order to create this redirect map – which requires a tremendous amount of manual effort. To date, there has not been a tool created to automate this process, until now.

How Do I Create A Redirect Map?

Redirect Mapper uses a keyword matching algorithm to quickly match URLs together with similar keywords, characters, numbers or word types – allowing SEO’s and Agencies to quickly create redirect mapping documents for clients that have recently went through a site migration, or are planning on going through a site migration. To use the tool, simply paste your Original URLs in Column A (first tab) and the URLs you want to redirect to in Column A (second tab). Then click "START" in the third tab. It's that easy!

Why Should I Invest In A Redirect Mapping Tool?

This tool is best suited for SEOs and Webmasters who are planning for or are already in the process of a site migration and in need of a quick and efficient way to automate the redirect mapping process.

How Can I Contact Support or Sales?

Please contact us using this form for any support or sales questions.

Ready To Save Hours On Manual Labor and Automate Your Redirect Mapping?

Map URLs, Title Tags, H1 Tags & more seamlessly with a click of a button.